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New Years Eve Ready

31 Dec

NYE 2014

Blouse/Blusa | Pants/Pantalones | Heels/Tacones | Clutch/Cartera | Nail polish/ Esmalte de uñas | Lipstick/Pintalabios | Earrings/Aretes | Bracelet/Pulsera

Here’s a perfect look for NYE to me… dressed-up, but not over-the-top. Usually I hang around with friends and make a little “appearance” at a bar, so I don’t care to wear anything over-the-top. This top from Victoria’s Secret it perfect and I’ve been eyeing these Zara heels for what seems like months now. I couldn’t celebrate the holidays without a bold lip or some glitz… so this look fits just right in my mind!

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a very safe and fun NYE! Here’s to 2014!


Hoy les muestro un look para el Año Nuevo que es pulido, pero no es demasiado formal. Normalmente paso la noche con amigos en casa y vamos a un bar por un poco, así que no me gusta llevar ropa súper formal, como un vestido. Esta blusa de Victoria’s Secret es perfecto para esta noche, y los tacones de Zara han sido en mi lista de deseos hace mucho tiempo. No podría celebrar los días festivos sin un poco destello y lentejuelas así que este look está perfecto según yo. 

¡Gracias por leer y que tengan un muy segura y divertida noche! 



3 Jun

MAKEUP by La Mariposa

Prep & Prime | Tinted Moisturizer | Pressed Powder | Blush|

Brow Gel | Eyelash Curler  | Eyeshadow| Eyeliner | Mascara

Rock n Red | Strength | Ambition | Pink Chérie | Pink Parfait

I was asked about my make-up routine so I figured I would share what’s inside my bag with you all! I have switched brands in the past but my three favorites are MAC, MaryKay and Bare Escentuals. The items above are in order of how I apply them as well.

For the face: I try to keep it simple. Tinted moisturizer is amazing because it is very light, a great sun protectant, and evens out skin. I never go without blush because I think it really adds some boost and brings out natural cheeks. Every now and then I apply powder if I have a fancy evening (ooohh lala). Really, I was using a heavier foundation before and didn’t love it so now that I have the light moisturizer, that’s all I want to wear!

For the eyes: First things first: your eyebrows are SO important. They add the overall shape to your face and can either mask or flaunt your eyes, so don’t forget about them! I use a tinted brow gel to make the color of mine a warmer tone (to match my hair more) and to keep them curved nicely. I also always curl my lashes (mine are short and straight!) to waken-up my eyes. I very, very rarely wear shadow, but when I do I use either purple tones, or neutral tones by MaryKay. And my liner is also from MaryKay (although lately I have been just using black eyeshadow instead of a liner!).

For the lips: It’s no secret that I love lip color! My hands-down favorite is Rock n Red by MaryKay. You can apply it lightly for a little touch of color or heavily for a bold red lip. MaryKay’s got tons of lip colors, and I always ask my consultant Maureen for tips on her favorites- the benefits of knowing somebody who is a pro at makeup! Lastly, for a VERY bold lip, I use the Pretty Amazing line by BE- One coat does the trick for some serious color!

What are your favorite make-up items?

**PS.: Giveaway winner is… Amy May! Congrats, Amy! Email me by Wednesday so we can get you your new renegade bracelet!**

Winner: AMY MaY


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