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3 Jun

MAKEUP by La Mariposa

Prep & Prime | Tinted Moisturizer | Pressed Powder | Blush|

Brow Gel | Eyelash Curler  | Eyeshadow| Eyeliner | Mascara

Rock n Red | Strength | Ambition | Pink Chérie | Pink Parfait

I was asked about my make-up routine so I figured I would share what’s inside my bag with you all! I have switched brands in the past but my three favorites are MAC, MaryKay and Bare Escentuals. The items above are in order of how I apply them as well.

For the face: I try to keep it simple. Tinted moisturizer is amazing because it is very light, a great sun protectant, and evens out skin. I never go without blush because I think it really adds some boost and brings out natural cheeks. Every now and then I apply powder if I have a fancy evening (ooohh lala). Really, I was using a heavier foundation before and didn’t love it so now that I have the light moisturizer, that’s all I want to wear!

For the eyes: First things first: your eyebrows are SO important. They add the overall shape to your face and can either mask or flaunt your eyes, so don’t forget about them! I use a tinted brow gel to make the color of mine a warmer tone (to match my hair more) and to keep them curved nicely. I also always curl my lashes (mine are short and straight!) to waken-up my eyes. I very, very rarely wear shadow, but when I do I use either purple tones, or neutral tones by MaryKay. And my liner is also from MaryKay (although lately I have been just using black eyeshadow instead of a liner!).

For the lips: It’s no secret that I love lip color! My hands-down favorite is Rock n Red by MaryKay. You can apply it lightly for a little touch of color or heavily for a bold red lip. MaryKay’s got tons of lip colors, and I always ask my consultant Maureen for tips on her favorites- the benefits of knowing somebody who is a pro at makeup! Lastly, for a VERY bold lip, I use the Pretty Amazing line by BE- One coat does the trick for some serious color!

What are your favorite make-up items?

**PS.: Giveaway winner is… Amy May! Congrats, Amy! Email me by Wednesday so we can get you your new renegade bracelet!**

Winner: AMY MaY


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